Stress! Carry Physical & Mental Health Risks.


August 15, 2019.

In order to combat stress, we first need to understand what stress is. If we look at the dictionary for a definition we will find the definition: Stress – worry and nervous tension. To further define; stress is when we are anxious or worried about an event or occurrence in the future. It is the result of the mind being constantly focused not on the now or the present moment, but on numerous events about the future and the past that have an emotional attachment. The ever increasing potential for change, or the possible negative impact, an event may have on our life, exponentially increases the worry, stress and anxiety created in the mind. The other major factor is the element of time. The closer we come to the events occurrence, the more it becomes the perceived threat and therefore – the level of tension and stress continues to multiply.

In our everyday life we are bombarded by fear and ‘fear peddlers’ (e.g. the media, friends and family who constantly focus on the negative). In order to cope, society is turning to drugs both legal and illegal just to get through the day. Of course this is only just a cosmetic quick fix and in most cases does more harm than good, for it is aimed at the symptoms and not the cause. People pop pills by the hand full, consume alcohol in large unhealthy amounts, smoke like chimneys, or even turn to food as means of coping with the consequences of this emotional turmoil. But these are only masking agents that cover up the symptoms and do not address the cause – fear. Yes that is right. Stress is just another manifestation or symptom of fear. Now this is so important that I will repeat it: STRESS IS JUST ANOTHER MANIFESTATION OF FEAR.

Now under normal circumstances, stress is a vital part of our self preservation system as it enables us to react when there is danger. In primitive man, it was a major survival trait that triggered the ‘flight or fight response’. This filled the body with adrenaline enabling a quick reaction to danger in a harsh environment. In today’s society, this survival instinct is often triggered not only by real danger but also by perceived or imaginary dangers. It is these perceived or imaginary dangers that are not only the main cause of stress in our life today, and also, may have the potential to be responsible for many of our medical conditions and illness. This occurs due to the fact that when you excessively worry and stress, our body starts to produce toxic chemicals. These cellular toxins lower our immune system and thereby leaving us more susceptible to many harmful viruses and bacteria within our environment. This is why in 80% of all medical problems are described as psychosomatic or self induced. The good news is that if we can remain relatively stress free and focused on being happy, calm and positive, the illness process has a greater opportunity to be revered. The brain stimulates the production of peptides and endorphin chemicals that boost the immune system and help rejuvenate the body. In summary, our thoughts have the power to either heal the body or trigger a dis-ease state of being.

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