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Nutritional Kinesiology


Healthy immune cells mean a healthy person

You can affect your immune system by what you eat

 and what you DON’T eat.


At Trinity Natural Therapies, we focus building your health from the foundations. We believe that the foundation to wellness and a healthy lifestyle all begins with ensuring that your immune system is healthy. Zan Duganzic is Certified by The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), he is one of a small number of Practitioners in Queensland to complete the highest level of training in a wide variety of techniques taught by highly qualified Kinesiologists.

Nutritional FoodsThe clinic prides itself on focussing all of our clients on the following

  • Your Immune System
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Food Sensitivity and Immune Protection
  • Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity
  • Food Sensitivity/Intolerance
  • Hypersensitive Immune Systems
  • Food Alkalinity

We look at your diet and help you make the right choices to get your health back on track.

Just eating the right food sometimes is just not enough, we also look at other external issues that my be causing poor health. These may include allergies, behavioural problems, stress, hormonal problems, colic, reflux, restlessness in babies, digestive problems, back injuries, food sensitivity issues, weight problems and many more.

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All consultations are by Appointment only. Health fund rebates may be available.