What can kinesiology help?

• Allergies
• Co-ordination
• Digestive problems
• Emotional trauma
• Food sensitivities
• Goal enhancement
• Hormonal problems
• Illness
• Injury
• Lymphatic drainage
• Muscle strength
• Motor skills
• Neurology
• Pain
• Phobia
• Posture
• Stress
• Skin irritations
• Weight problems


What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a science that studies the human being in relation to its energy flow and energy flow disturbances. In other words, Kinesiology is a mixture of Eastern Chinese practices with modern day orthodox knowledge of Western medicine.
Many Kinesiologists have discovered when the energy flow is balanced; our emotional, chemical and physical sides are in harmony, creating a healthy, well-rounded person, i.e. “homeostasis”.

How It Works
A kinesiologist uses gentle muscle tests during a balancing consultation to find disturbances or blockages of the energy flow.
These disturbances or blockages are then corrected by a profesional Kinesiologist.
The professional practitioner chooses the appropriate technique or techniques as indicated by the client’s muscle testing responses.

Standard Kinesiology corrections may include the following:
• Massage on specific body therapy points to stimulate fluid flow.
• Light finger touch on therapy points, located on the head to stimulate the blood flow.
• Deep and light finger stimulation on Chinese energy points, located all over the body.
• Nutritional support, through various organic food planning and quality supplements.
• Emotional balancing by activating detoxification points on the head and feet.
• Specific movements and exercises for improving coordination.

Positive results can be noticed immediately after the consultation and are generally long lasting.