My own thoughts as a Kinesiologist

Zan Dugandzic- Kinesiologist
Why do I love being a Kinesiologist?
My passion lies with all people and families, who choose me as a professional guide, trusted to assist, inspire, and balance the mind/body holistically, with all my acquired experience, skills and knowledge, so that each individual achieves on-going health & wellbeing.
I love seeing the happiness and empowerment in the children’s eyes when long term signs of chronic ailments and illness leave their body and mind.
Honored to view how life can be challenging for many clients and how hard the healing workload is initially for these clients. The whole journey is where the wisdom is gained, not only the perceived gift at the end of the journey. This reminds me of the clients who had fertility issues for many years. Once they applied their on-going health plan and became consistent with all kinesiology sessions, the end result was an amazing birth.

Why did I become a Kinesiologist?
The opportunity to be a natural therapist and to dictate my own work hours and have control over work/life style and be own boss was appealing.
I took the plunge in year 2000 and haven’t looked back on an on-going happy and soul fulfilling Kinesiology Natural Therapy business and lifestyle.
The amazing practice of muscle monitoring and the information flow between practitioner and client is fabulous and still feels very cool now.

Why do I continue to study and research?
It is important to keep in contact with current trends and new findings in the world of complementary therapy.
Personally, it keeps me sharp and up to date with new information and new health systems and protocols, which I further developed in the therapeutic room.
On-going research and development is also important to share with other therapists and peers.
Continual peer mentoring is another area I enjoy receiving and giving, so that I can aid in the evolving world of self-development within health and natural therapy environment.