What Is Holistic Kinesiology?


Holistic Kinesiology aims to provide understanding and solutions to the cause of issues.
For example, “Pain and Stress,” are indicators/warning signs, which communicate a message of body imbalance. Professional Kinesiologist read these signals, and then applies a unique therapeutic style, which ensures optimal body balance, via a holistic individualized program.

Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing feedback technique, to provide understanding and an appropriate solution to the client’s issue.

Holistic Kinesiology practitioner continuously records muscle response to access the body’s computer (the brain). Muscles are wired to the brain via the nerves in the body. The muscles act somewhat like the mouse on a computer.

Certain muscles have been found to relate to specific acupuncture channels, organ and gland systems. For example, imbalances in certain muscles may indicate stress in liver function, digestive issues in the gut and chronic joint pain.

Muscle feedback will cue the Kinesiologist to work towards calming the stress causing the pain in the neck. Alternatively, the practitioner may work on the aching muscles that are causing the stress.

For example, there may be a problem with the neck muscle nerves that tell the brain where the head is positioned. When these particular nerves are working correctly the muscles of the neck work together and function without pain and discomfort.

Holistic Kinesiology aims to improve your health and wellbeing by stimulating your body’s own healing potential.

How does chronic or acute stress show signs of being balanced?
Group of muscles are re-tested for signs of strong positive changes in function and movement. These changes in muscle function and movement, fuses the changes into the body and gives positive feedback to the client and practitioner. Overall, this has the potential to inform the body on future strategies to resolve on-going hidden trauma.

A client doesn’t need to be sick to see a Knesiologist. The client may just have the need to be ready for change.