Zan Dugandzic & Trinity Natural Therapies

One of Queensland’s most highly trained and experienced Kinesiologist, within the Natural Therapy/Wellness industry.

Certified by The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), I am one of a small number of Practitioners in Queensland to complete the highest level of training in a wide variety of techniques taught by highly qualified Kinesiologists. In addition, I am part of small group of Kinesiologists to hold the highest qualification in Australia and recognized Internationally and hold membership with AIK and ATMS.

The clinic prides itself on the successful practice of Kinesiology, a complementary therapy which follows set balancing protocols, procedures, and processes which deliver a highly effective set of corrections for individual clientele.

Kinesiology is a science that studies the body’s energy flow systems and those potential disturbances within those systems, manifested by internal and external environment changes. The main tool used within the practice of kinesiology is the simple and effective method of “muscle testing”.

Kinesiology Therapy benefits people of all ages – babies, adults, teenagers and mature aged and even animals can be balanced. Complementary therapies such as Kinesiology have the potential to help any type of energy imbalance within the body.

These may include allergies, behavioral problems, stress, hormonal problems, colic, reflux, restlessness in babies, digestive problems, back injuries, food sensitivity issues and many more.

Health fund rebates may be available.

For more information or to book on line:, or

Contact Zan Dugandzic on 0413 305 257.


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