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One of Queensland’s most highly trained and experienced Kinesiologist, within the Natural Therapy/Wellness industry.

pain and stress

Certified by The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), I am one of a small number of Practitioners in Queensland to complete the highest level of training in a wide variety of techniques taught by highly qualified Kinesiologists. In addition, I am part of small group of Kinesiologists to hold the highest qualification in Australia and recognized internationally and hold membership with AIK and ATMS.

The clinic prides itself on the successful practice of Kinesiology, a complementary therapy which follows set balancing protocols, procedures, and processes which deliver a highly effective set of corrections for individual clientele.

Kinesiology is a science that studies the body’s energy flow systems and those potential disturbances within those systems, manifested by internal and external environment changes. The main tool used within the practice of kinesiology is the simple and effective method of “muscle testing”.

Kinesiology Therapy benefits people of all ages – babies, adults, teenagers and mature aged and even animals can be balanced. Complementary therapies such as Kinesiology have the potential to help any type of energy imbalance within the body.

These may include allergies, behavioral problems, stress, hormonal problems, colic, reflux, restlessness in babies, digestive problems, back injuries, food sensitivity issues, weight problems and many more.

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Suffer from migraines, anxiety, or struggle with your weight? Kinesiology could hold the answer.

“Pain and Stress,” are indicators to signal warning sign that you’re out of balance. Kinesiology reads these signs and places you back in balance.

Remember, for personal growth to occur, pain may exist, but growth through optimal health and wellbeing is pain free.

Trinity Natural Therapies is all about optimal health and wellbeing. On-going holistic balancing is the key.


Qualification Details

Clinical Kinesiology Bio

• I have been practicing kinesiology since 2000
• My qualifications are recognized domestically and internationally
• I have been supporting people through food and allergy intolerance for adults and children. My personal discovery was with my one of my children at 6th month old with food allergies. This spured me on to investigate further clinical cases an array of food allergies.
• This inspired me to investigate the impact of food on the human body and how non organic foods equally have a negative impact on the body. This lead to various clinical case studies which proved many of my theories and highlighted the need for a whole self approach in health and wellbeing.
• I have a strong drive to coach and council individuals to personally empower themselves to overcome mental and emotional stresses which cause a negative impact on their lives and special relationships
• Specialize in anxiety and depression balancing treatments with kinesiology protocols that achieve amazing results when the client and practitioner work together
• What I have learnt people’s ability to achieve total wellness is altogether the state of mind and perception which allows for a shorter recovery rate.
• Most reward to me is when clients provide feedback on successful of recovery of illness
• I treat everybody in my client as a family member and not just a number
• With client’s that I’ve treat have common problems but each one have different treatment applied. This expands my knowledge in particular fields such as food allergies.
• By working with other natural therapy practitioners from different field complements a treatment for a particular individual. I enjoy working in teams of professionals from other natural therapy disciplines
• I have a strong balance between intuitive assessment and clinical kinesiology assessment to identify course of action regularly.
• I have learnt that the first step to the recovery is to own the illness and you have the power in your decision making to overcome all challenges in your life that have cause that illness in the first place.
• The running of a clinical business have allowed me to wear many hats such as the clinician, the accountant, marketer, receptionist etc.
• I want to bring awareness to the public that complementary therapy is as important as main stream medicine

Business Bio

• Small business has been my passion. To be the entrepreneur who can be a visionary and make dreams come true with persistence and working values and a strong belief in one’s self to succeed in an ever changing environment.
• I am a team player within in a business sense that takes action to achieve eth desired goal
• Having a mission in my life to empower one’s self and attract likeminded individuals to work together in an empowered atmosphere and to be unlimited in thought , actions and decisions
• I understand and adopt successful business principles from mentors in my life.
• The now is how I have focused my life and the enjoyment, gratitude, appreciation of planning, and taking action in the now has always made me grow in confidence in myself personally and
• From being a worker in a large organisation to being the boss or my small business has provided me with experience in all levels.
• Asking for and allowing people to help me benefited my decision making process. Also over a period of time I have developed the skill to identify the right people within a short period of time.

Family & Kids Bio

• Continually foster an awareness to be positive and resilient to life’s challenges. Also to experience to what life has to offer that benefits there growth in mind body and sole
• Functional family dynamics to me is parents leading by example to foster positive behaviour in children and parenting.
• I choose to leave a legacy behind for my children and my family to view an contemplate the journey I have forged for myself and the benefit of my family