Stop Smoking For Life

Want to give up smoking? Look back to your childhood trauma!

Women, who struggle to give up smoking, may need to look back at their youth. Researchers have found a link between the habit and childhood trauma.

Traumatic experiences within your younger days can stay with you for life.

A team of researchers found that women who were physically or emotionally abused as children were 1.4 times more likely to become a smoker.

Linking stress and addictive smocking.

To reduce the number of smokers, it is important to consider and understand why smoking appears to relieve stress, as tobacco dependency is associated with heightened stress.

The overall answer lies within healing the inner to part of you to experience the joyful outer part of you.

An alternative therapy, like Therapeutic Kinesiology, may be the tool, which could fix the busted burned out mental/emotional cog.  Just think about it!

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